Strategic Cooperation Reached Between School of Data Science, Fudan University and Huifu Payment to Promote the Industry-University-Research Development of Big Data



September 2, 2019. Shanghai – To further promote Shanghai as a scientific and technological innovation hub with global-level influence and to improve the capability in FinTech innovation and development based on artificial intelligence and big data, the School of Data Science of Fudan University and Huifu Payment (01806.HK) have reached strategic cooperation during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019. Fudan University will give full play to its strengths in big data- and artificial intelligence-related subjects, and Huifu will make use of its advantages in data and R&D, aiming to co-establish a FinTech innovation laboratory based on artificial intelligence and other technologies, promote the landing of scientific research achievements, and cultivate compound talents in artificial intelligence and finance.

Both sides have signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 - Thematic Forum on Brain-like Intelligence and Group Intelligence. Chen Zhao, Assistant Dean of Fudan’s School of Data Science, and Jiang Jingyu, Vice President of Huifu, were present at the ceremony. The signing was also witnessed by Gao Xiaomei, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Shanghai People’s Conference, Lu Xiaochun, Party Secretary of Shanghai Economic and Information Commission and Jin Li, Vice President of Fudan University.

Strategic cooperation reached between School of Data Science, Fudan University & Huifu Payment Signing ceremony

It is reported that the two sides intend to cooperate in technological innovation, achievement promotion and personnel training.

Establishing the FinTech innovation laboratory

Leveraging on their advantages in big data and FinTech, both parties will work to establish the “Fudan-Huifu” FinTech innovation laboratory to create a good environment for the academic and scientific integration, build an influential platform for big data research and FinTech innovation in Shanghai and even China, helping Shanghai gain the advantage in regional competitiveness by tackling technology problems and making innovative breakthroughs.

Promoting the landing of scientific research achievements

The two sides will work together on the industrial research in the new economies such as FinTech, new retail and cross-border e-commerce, to explore new perspectives and create new prediction models and algorithms, achieving scientific research results such as government internal reference, policy report or industry index, and co-announcing those results on major occasions such as conferences, forums and exhibitions at the international, national, provincial and municipal levels. These results will serve as reference for decision-making in building Shanghai into a smart city.

Cultivating financial compound talents

The two sides will work together to explore the mechanism of talent co-cultivation. Through school training and on-site internship, they will work on the plan of co-cultivating compound talents in the financial field, thereby gathering and reserving talents for the top thinktanks of the government and industry.

It is worth mentioning that during the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Professor Fan Jianqing, a worldly renowned statistician, financial engineer and Dean of the School of Data Science of Fudan University, was invited to attend the Intelligent Finance Forum organized by Huifu, where he gave a keynote speech to explain how technology can prevent financial risks from a data perspective.



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