Huifu & Hongqiao Development Group to Build Intelligent Business Ecology



July 20, 2019. Shanghai – Lately, Huifu and Shanghai Hongqiao Development Group Investment Co., Ltd. (“Hongqiao Development Group”) formally reached strategic cooperation. Based on the consensus reached by the two sides in strategic direction and business integration, Huifu’s “Zhihui Guanjia” (Smart Butler),  a comprehensive payment solution, will enable Hongqiao Development Group’s partners, connecting the whole chain of the trillion-level business market and building a digital closed-loop ecosystem of payment, finance, marketing and management.

(Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony between Hongqiao Development Group & Huifu)

It is reported that Huifu and Hongqiao Development Group will kick off the cooperation with the “intelligent gas station”. Traditionally, payments at gas stations were mainly made with cash, which was time-consuming, inefficient and less secure due to difficulties in security monitoring. People could not be warned against potential risks. With its comprehensive payment solution, i.e., “Smart Butler”, Huifu will work with Hongqiao Development Group to equip more than 2,000 gas stations under Shandong Expressway with intelligent cash register and management equipment. By providing vehicle owners with diversified and intelligent services such as fourth-party payment and membership marketing, and introducing digital hardware and software, they will accelerate the improvement of comprehensive services of “intelligent gas stations.”

Next, Huifu will use its functional modules of payment, marketing and finance, as well as its strong capabilities in fourth-party payment and accounting to connect each part along the whole chain of precise marketing and provide an efficient, flexible and one-stop comprehensive financial payment solution for Hongqiao Development Group.

At the signing ceremony, Ms. Mu Haijie, President of Huifu, said that over the past decade or so, Huifu has been reaching out to the key links of business operation, exploring the deep value of payment data, and addressing the problems of enterprises in marketing management, financial services and other aspects by adding financial value-added products, so as to support and facilitate the digital upgrading and transformation of enterprises.

Mr. Wang Kai, President of Hongqiao Development Group, said that with Huifu’s unique advantages in the fourth-party payment, FinTech services and marketing development, plus Shanghai Hongqiao Development Group’s diversified capacity for industry investment, both sides will work together to build a complete closed-loop ecology of intelligent business. The huge potential in the trillion-level market brings infinite potential for their cooperation.



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