Huifu’s Zhou Ye: Bracing for 2019 with Curiosity and Optimism



December 20, 2018. Shanghai – The Shanghai Finance Forum 2018 was held in Shanghai, co-hosted by the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the China Academy of Financial Research (CAFR) and the Global Financial Leaders Forum (GFLF).

Themed “Openness and Integration: Connecting China’s Financial Industry to the World”, the Forum gathered world-renowned scholars and top industry experts to share ideas through dialogues with the aim to study finance-related subjects and explore new possibilities to boost the global economy. Mr. Zhou Ye, President and CEO of Huifu Payment (1806.HK) attended the event and shared his thoughts, on the theme “Openness and Development: Financiers’ Responsibilities in the New Era” during the round table discussion.

On 2019’s economic landscape, Mr. Zhou Ye said that we must be optimistic towards the year of 2019. Fintech and digitization are the two big vogues for industry players to ride on, and the whole industry is still undergoing rapid development. Therefore we have the grounds to stay optimistic. Second, be cautious. We must be cautious when we do things. Third, brace ourselves for further reforms and openness.

In Zhou’s view, fintech’s rapid development in China in recent years is fruit of the government’s support and the supervisors’ inclusiveness, which are important factors that have helped nurture innovative business models and products in the industry. “As far as 2019 is concerned, I am full of expectations.”

Huifu Payment is committed to becoming a leading provider of payment and fintech services for the world. In the planning of the company's development strategy, fintech is no doubt a vector of growth to invest more efforts in.

Depending on frontier technologies such as artificial intelligence and biometrics, Huifu Payment has provided seamless, convenient and safe payment service for millions of micro and small merchants. So far the company's clients include millions of micro and small merchants and 6,500 companies from various vertical industries in China.

Known as the "First Payment Stock", Huifu Payment will stick to the payment as the entrance, provide one-stop solutions including payment, finance, marketing and management for the majority of merchants through scenario penetration, data precipitation, and traffic monetization, and work together with all parties of the industrial chain to build a new ecosystem of cooperation and win-win.



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