Huifu Payment Wins Three Awards



December14, 2018. Shanghai – This week Huifu Payment (1806.HK) has won three awards: 2018 Financial Institution of Competitiveness of Excellence, Jinxi Prize for Best Fintech Service Provider of the Year, and Prize of Excellent Payment Brand 2018.


2018 Financial Institution of Competitiveness of Excellence

On December 11, the 10th edition of the Financial Summit of Competitiveness of Excellence was held in Beijing, jointly hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the China Business Journal (CBJ) and CBJ’s Institute of Research on New Finance.

The event gathered a number of academic and industrial representatives focusing on the common and core mission in this era, that is, how the financial industry provides service to the other sectors of the economy in the new stage of high quality development. They prospected the opportunities and challenges of the financial industry empowered by technology, discussed the finance reform under new circumstances, the innovation and practice on the new track of smart finance.

Thanks to its competitiveness and influence in the fintech field, Huifu Payment was awarded the “2018 Financial Institution of Competitiveness of Excellence”.


Jinxi Prize for Best Fintech Service Provider of the Year

To encourage companies and assist the development of the real economy, “See the Future: 2018 Capital Market Summit & Annual Jinxi Award Ceremony was hold in Beijing on December 12, the event was co-organized by the China Investment Network and the Biaodian Institute of Finance and Economy Research.

Thanks to Huifu Payment’s capability of leading the industry trend, ambition to innovate, and the company’s excellent business performance and contributions to the society, the hosts of the event have awarded the company with the “Jinxi Prize for Best Fintech Service Provider of the Year”.


Prize of Excellent Payment Brand 2018

On December 13, JRJ.COM’s third edition of the International Smart Finance Forum & Annual Award Ceremony was hosted in Beijing.

Themed "Reform, Evolution and Breakthrough", the event gathered renowned domestic and international financial brands, fintech companies and industry experts, to discuss the innovation and development of the financial industry.

Relying on its research and in-depth practice for years in the payment industry and its outstanding performance in the fintech area, Huifu Payment was awarded with the "Prize of Excellent Payment Brand 2018", standing out from more than 400 nominees in the selection process.



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