Corporate Governance
The following is the structure and member information of the Board of Directors and Committees in Huifu LTD.
Chairman of the BoardChairman of the Board Chairman of the CommitteeChairman of the Committee Member of the CommitteeMember of the Committee DirectorDirector
Remuneration Committee Nomination Committee Audit Committee Executive Director Non-executive Director Independent Director
ZHOU Ye董事会主席 董事会主席 委员会主席 董事
LIU Jun 成员 成员 董事
WANG Hengzhong 成员 委员会主席 董事
ZHANG Qi 委员会主席 成员 成员 董事
MU Haijie 董事
JIN Yuan 董事
CAI Jiazhao 董事
ZHOU Joe 董事
WANG Lihong 董事

Corporate Governance Files
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