Company Profile


We are a leading independent third-party payment service provider in China, focusing on merchant payment and fintech enabling services.

Our mission is to leverage innovative payment and fintech solutions to create value for businesses and consumers.

HuiFu aim to become a leading global payment and fintech enabling services provider.


Our principal business lines are:

Merchant Payment Services:

We provide various merchant payment services to millions of micro and small merchants as well as companies in select industry verticals. Our solutions enable clients to offer their customers a seamless, convenient and safe way to pay regardless of whether such payments are made in-store, online, or on-the-go. Our merchant payment services are divided into five types, consisting of POS, Internet payment, mobile POS, mobile payment and cross-border payment services.

Fintech Enabling Services:

Building on our strong payment technological capability, we also provide fintech enabling services to Internet finance providers and commercial banks which empower them to improve their information visibility, operation efficiency and data security, and enable them to offer more flexibility and convenience when serving their customers. Our services include SaaS offerings, such as account management services and data-driven value-added services.


In collaboration with our extensive network of independent sales organizations, or ISOs, and channel partners as well as with our direct sales force, we have built a broad client coverage, in particular, over micro and small merchants across China. As of June 30, 2018, our ISO network consisted of over 2,500 ISOs, covered over 40% of the approximately 300 prefecturelevel cities in China, our client base reached over 7.4 million merchants, 1,500 Internet finance providers and 6,500 companies in various industry verticals in China.

Our business is driven by technology and our success depends on our research and development capability. Our IT engineers, programmers and data scientists account for 36.7% of our total headcount as of December 31, 2017.

We are the only payment service provider to receive an artificial intelligence-related research grant from Shanghai government in 2017.

With our robust, comprehensive and technology-driven risk management, we are able to effectively manage and mitigate risks inherent in our business to protect us, our clients and our partners, as well as meet regulatory obligations. Our system addresses a variety of risks including fraud, money laundering, legal and compliance, IT, liquidity and operational risks.